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Achieve More Potent Manhood in Just 1 Course!

Food Supplement Libomax:
a powerful way for better potency based on an ancient Norwegian recipe

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Food Supplement Libomax: a Powerful Way for Better Potency Based on an Ancient Norwegian Recipe
  • Immediate erection immediately after taking

  • Cumulative effect – potency is improved every day

  • Better and more pleasant sex every night

  • Prevention of premature ejaculation

  • Extracts of 4 powerful natural aphrodisiacs

Having difficulties in sex, means not knowing about Libomax!

Libomax is a solution of a new generation. It’s created according to ancient Norwegian recipes. Norwegians are famous for their strength, power, and their insatiability in intimate games, having an excellent potency even in old age. According to historians, the secret of their male power was in special potions, which they took from time to time. Libomax is made on the basis of the prescriptions of these potions and using leading edge modern technology to extract biologically active substances from valuable plants.

Due to the combination of a modern approach and ancient knowledge and by being completely natural, Libomax is characterized as extremely effective in solving erectile dysfunction. It not only gives an immediate long-term effect but also completely restores the natural potency in a full course of usage.

Libomax has passed all necessary tests and is scientifically approved.
Libomax is completely safe and sound for improving your manhood!
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Unique Benefits
of Libomax
  • Stimulates and supports a hard erection for 3 hours after taking
  • Restores natural potency
  • Increases the duration of sexual intercourse, prevents premature ejaculation
  • Enhance sexual desire, sharps and brightens sensations
  • Increases sexual energy
  • Improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs
  • Raise general well-being, removes mental and physical fatigue
  • Increases the size of aroused penis by 10%
  • Eliminates the uncertainty in manhood
With Libomax Every Man Can Become
a Hero-lover
and not just pleasantly surprise a woman in bed, but also bring her to the state of extreme bliss!
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Libomax Simple to Use for Maximum Effect
Before sex Instructions:
  • 30 minutes before sex take 2 capsules
  • Wash it down with water
Full course Instructions:
  • 2 capsules each morning
  • Wash it down with water
  • Take daily for 21 days without intermission
You’ll experience evident results in the following weeks.
1 week
Start of erections in the morning, a sense of strength and ability, the erection stays during sex.
2 week
Potency rise when aroused. You want to have sex more often.
3 week
Libido is completely revived, proper erection returns, sex becomes as pleasant as before.
Libomax Brings Back the Potency.

The main reason for the potency weakening is a decrease in the production of the male sex hormone - testosterone. It may be caused by many factors such as bad ecology, bad habits, sedentary lifestyle, fatigue, stress and many others.

Due to a special consist Libomax increases the body's production of testosterone in more than 7 times, at the expense of providing an instant and a long-term effect and reviving the potency completely in full course.

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Libomax is made of:
L-Arginine-alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG)
Has a powerful effect on the centers of sexual arousal. Promotes a sharp release of the hormone testosterone. Strengthens the potency and increases the desire.
Korean ginseng extract
Has a prolonged action, stimulates mild production of testosterone during the day after taking. Increases the sensations during sexual intercourse.
Saw Palmetto
Participates in the production of testosterone and the formation of sperm. Strengthens the potency, improves the quality of sex, and struggles with male diseases. Promotes the rapid restoration of men's strength and cleanses the blood of toxins.
Goat Weed Extract
Prevents early ejaculation, promotes repeated erections and multiple orgasms, increases the pleasure of sex. Enhances the flow of blood to the organs of the small pelvis, eliminates stagnation and blood clots, treats sexual impotence and premature ejaculation.
Ginkgo biloba
Increases testosterone synthesis and sexual endurance, affects the full filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood, due to which increases its size by 10%.
Why Experts Recommend Libomax?

“I've been in the (porn) business for 12 years. Being a "true man" is basically my profession. But the time is taking its toll. At some point I felt that I need to use some special way to stay on top. I've tried different methods and substances but none of them were as effective as Libomax. First of all, it has no side effects and it works immediately after taking it. Secondly, it has a long term effect.

With Libomax I know that the age is not the limit I thought it was. It saved my job and I saved my pride. Men, it really works!”

E. Stone., Porn star
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Customer’s Impression:
Mathew, 31 years old
It affects are stronger than Viagra
“Just an incredible thing! I didn’t expect. It affects are stronger than Viagra. The boner is literally hard as a stone and it lasts much longer. At the same time, there are no side effects, like a red face and rapid heartbeat. I use it from time to time (when I want a lot of sex) and Libomax never failed. All the guys who have not tried it yet, I highly recommend. Libomax will surprise everyone!”
Michael, 43 years old
Sexual life was normalized immediately.
“Libomax saved my family. My wife is 11 years younger than I am and her sexuality is at its peak, while my “faithful friend” started to let me down. Because of the lack of sex and dissatisfaction, me and my wife argued a lot, it almost came to a divorce. Fortunately, in some TV program I learned about this way. I decided to try it. In contrast to Viagra, it does not harm health (I can’t take Viagra because of a sick kidney) and it is quite effective. Sexual life was normalized immediately. Now we live together in love, as we used to do. Libomax is a very good solution.”
Paul, 61 years old
I already thought that I was impotent
“Libomax was advised to me by a family doctor when, due to problems at work and age, I faced sexual impotence. They told me to take one every day for 2-3 weeks. The natural potency, the one that arises from excitation, and not because of pills, has returned already for the second week. I am very glad that I got acquainted with such an effective, safe and inexpensive solution, ‘cause I already thought that I was impotent. I advised Libomax to one of my good friends, he also liked it. Many thanks to those who produce Libomax for such a good solution.”
Veronica, 26 years old
I experienced 3 strong orgasms. This never happened before
“I came across with Libomax by chance. My beau had no problems with sex, but he always wanted something more. He wanted sex to last not 20 minutes, but 3 hours! We decided to try Libomax. As a result, the first night we had sex for so long that both of us fell asleep and squeezed out like lemons. I experienced 3 strong orgasms. This never happened before. Even with words, I cannot describe now what a pleasant night it was. Since then, we used Libomax several times, and every time sex was unforgettable. To all of you who can’t decide whether to try it or not, I advise you to try. Libomax will impress both a man and a woman”.
Libomax Helps Even in Cases When Other Ways are Powerless!
With Libomax You Will Never Have a Misfire Again!
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Try a new solution that’s already chosen by more than 1 million men worldwide!
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